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09-Aug-2017 13:55

Keep things open, honest, and above-board, and no one will have anything to worry about.

It’s also important to drive home the fact that teens have to deal with certain legal responsibilities.

Setting boundaries with the types of apps that your teens are exposed to is easier when you use a trustworthy parental control software.

Netsanity offers a suite of services – their Appblocker, where certain social media and other apps are profiled and parents can one-click block them, making those dating apps that you may find inappropriate such as Grindr, Down, Hot or Not, and many others a one-click solution.

Also, make sure that your teens understand that if they want to meet someone from their online life, that you have to meet them as well.

No secret meetings after school, or sneaking off to see someone by the light of the moon; that is where things get dangerous.

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A few generations later it was going to the drive-in.A parent’s job isn’t always easy, though, and if your teen is going to learn about online dating, it’s a better idea for them to get real information from you than it is to go searching online, or to ask their peer group. The ritual of becoming an adult is something every generation goes through, and it’s all part of growing up.