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31-Oct-2017 00:49

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I considered just walking out but didn’t want to be rude so I waited. Now all of a sudden he knew everyone in the industry, his dad is super well connected, he used to date Peter Thiel’s assistant (and went on about that relationship for a while) knows this person and that person and goes to the Battery, etc. One minute he hates SF and the next minute he was the typical startup name dropper. No, no, I said — I have a long day tomorrow and need to get home. I remember finding one on Howard and something, and told him, ‘OK, this is me!

It was getting late and cold, and when I reached into my bag to grab a sweater I realized my keys, which always sit in the same pocket in my purse weren’t there. He wouldn’t stop so I finally told him my office had a doorman that leaves by pm so I had to get my keys before then. ’ He asked if he should wait and I said no, it’s fine.

I barely told him about mine and he started going off.

He was so grumpy and aggro as he told me about the terrible day he was having, how he’s sick of SF, how no one here is interested in being creative so he’s hoping to move to Portland or New York or LA, somewhere with real creative minds, etc.

I sat mostly in silence, minus the questions I prompted him with to look engaged but it was so hard to pay attention. But when he came back, he was a completely different person. Luckily my office is on the cusp of Fi Di and SOMA so it was close by, but here’s the kicker — I don’t have a doorman and I didn’t want him to know where I worked.

Here he was on a first date telling me how he hated the city I live in, the culture that surrounds me, the tech industry which I’m heavily involved in, etc. We finished our drinks and he went to the bathroom. He started finally asking me questions for once and when I told him I do PR for consumer and tech companies, he changed his tune. We walked through Fi Di ‘on the way to my office’ and I was desperately scanning for office buildings with lobby/doormen.

The restaurant was WAY further than I thought and I had to text him that I was running 10-15 minutes behind, strike number one in my mind especially since we had a reservation.It was one of those rare days in SF where we were having a legit heat wave so I wore white cut off shorts, a tank top and Nike wedges, and rather than take an Uber or Lyft, I decided I’d walk.It was gorgeous out and seemed close enough — big mistake.When I got to the restaurant, I must have looked like a hot mess.

I was “glistening” – my straight hair was starting to get its natural wave from all my sweat, I had beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and my clothes were sticking to my skin.

About 10 minutes later we pulled up to Fazoli’s (editor’s note: Fazoli’s is an Italian fast food joint). While in line, he let me know that I could get whatever I wanted. He continued to text me the following week and I would respond off and on. It was a nice night and we were right next to the park (which I go to everyday and know like the back of my hand). We got to the ‘beach’ which is a pretty gross sand pit that is filled with stagnant water in the summer.