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15-Dec-2017 08:13

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In a world in which people want to take studio quality photographs without ever taking a class, it makes sense that they would try to find an approach to dating that eliminates the time lag between “is s/he interested? ” But can such sites gain popularity in Kenya, where most of the population still do not have access to the internet? Online dating sites like e-Harmony or Ok Cupid, which enjoy enormous popularity in other parts of the world, barely register in Kenya, even though the basic versions are free to use.The main obstacle has been that while the cost of internet connectivity has been steadily declining, the cost of owning a personal computer has remained relatively high, keeping non-essential computer use out of reach for most. An estimated 80% of internet users in Africa connect through their mobile phones.These figures suggest operationally at least, dating apps can find markets in African communities.On the “app” part of “dating app”, Tinder is on solid ground.In North America, Tinder has meshed with society’s approach to romance and the thirst for instant gratification.Dating is a major way people in Western societies meet their life partners, and for almost as long as there has been the internet at home, there have been sites specialising in facilitating it.Launched in 2012, Tinder has quickly outpaced rivals to establish itself as the most talked about, if not most used, dating site in the world. Users create a profile, usually linked to their Facebook account, using some basic information on their preferences and their location.

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“It’s so hard to meet guys in Kenya, especially when you’re established,” Susan elaborated.

To achieve these numbers, Facebook was forced to simplify its mobile version in order to cope with slow internet speeds, a problem that Tinder doesn’t face given the simplicity of the app.