Who is eminem currently dating 2016

04-Dec-2017 03:51

He also began giving appearances in the college theater too.

He later traveled to New York City to chase his dreams.

One in particular, his daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, is sometimes seen in the public eye.

But many aren’t familiar with her, her exact background or her actual relationship with the famous singer.

But there’s more to Eminem’s private life that what you see on the surface.

He’s a father, and not just to one daughter, but to three!

Although the number of time Moore criticized that he was cheating, he never minds anything.

He spends his life in own way, maybe its right or wrong but he is satisfied with it.

When it comes to his family and relationships, he’s been open about some subjects, while quieter on others.Whitney is the result of a brief relationship between her mother, Kim (Eminem’s ex-wife and mother to his biological daughter, Hallie) and a man named Eric Hatter. She was born on April 16, 2002, so now she’s right into the teenage years at 14 years old! ) Many people have talked about the Eminem “daughters.” Some people think he has only one daughter, while others have speculated he has as many as four!

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