Who is nicole dating on days of our lives

15-Dec-2017 00:53

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Lani ends the call and JJ jumps for joy and lifts her in a hug, delighted to be a dad ...

Stefano tells her to sit else he shall crack the whip. Abigail admits it will be hard to humanize Stefan the corporate destroyer and Stefano style chess master. Andre would ratha John Black not be involved in the family business. She now asks for more info on him for the press release. Chad refuses to listen and tells them to watch the fireworks John and Paul will ignite. Abigail suggests Stefan the provocateur is insecure. She warns he sounds like a jerk for her press release so far. Brady throws her her fallen designer bag and bellows after her to stay in her hole next time. Eli remembers his affair with Lani, how easily they fell in his bed together, how they awoke the next morning, sober. He automatically assumes she has doubts about him as a dad. He also lists Abigail's family members, which makes her cringe. Kate interrupts the Gabi Eli kiss, there to check Gabi has no regrets. Viv visits Andre in his office and believes John Black is a buffoon but Andre believes there is a clear and present danger if he is even seen with her. Chad announces he does not approve of the way Stefan spoke to his wife. Apparently Andre now fears it will be found out that he and Viv are playing them all.

And it seemed like more obnoxious Rafe/Hope pimping. Rafe was constantly belittling Hope, second-guessed every decision she made, acted like she was a weak little woman in need of male protection, and ended up taking her job.

And if that wasn't enough, the second they ended things he slept with Sami.

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Ciara always seemed to be roping Theo into some scheme or other and it seemed like it would be fascinating to see what was going to happen when they were teenagers.

A lot of her opinions and decisions are questionable, but I'm mostly enjoying her return now that her personality is closer to what it was always meant to be.

Ciara burst into town on her father's motorcycle and immediately got into an argument with Claire over Theo.

For some reason, Ciara seems to think that Claire is to blame for Theo getting shot and if only Ciara had been able to deliver her love letter and get him to date her instead, he never would have got hurt. I'm glad to see Ciara state that she doesn't blame JJ for the shooting -- he needs all the friends he can get.

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But if Ciara had been dating Theo at the time, I can virtually guarantee that the only difference would be that Abe would be screaming at Hope that he always knew her daughter was bad news who should have stayed away from his son.

But when Ciara and Theo were aged, for some reason Ciara was written as kind of bland, as if her inner fire had all been extinguished when she grew up.

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